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Accepted Name
Bile-acid 7-alpha-dehydroxylase.
Alternative Name(s)
Bile acid 7-dehydroxylase.
Cholate 7-alpha-dehydroxylase.
Reaction catalysed
  • Deoxycholate + FAD + H(2)O <=> cholate + FADH(2)
  • Lithocholate + FAD + H(2)O <=> chenodeoxycholate + FADH(2)
  • Under physiological conditions, the reactions form deoxycholate.
  • This enzyme is highly specific for bile-acid substrates and requires a free C-24 carboxy group and an unhindered 7-alpha-hydroxy group on the B-ring of the steroid nucleus for activity, as found in cholate and chenodeoxycholate.
  • The reaction is stimulated by the presence of NAD(+) but is inhibited by excess NADH.
  • This unusual regulation by the NAD(+)/NADH ratio is most likely the result of the intermediates being linked at C-24 by an anhydride bond to the 5'-diphosphate of 3'-phospho-ADP.
  • Allodeoxycholate is also formed as a side-product of the 7-alpha- dehydroxylation of cholate.
  • The enzyme is present in intestinal anaerobic bacteria, even though its products are important in mammalian physiology.
  • Formerly EC and EC
PRIAM enzyme-specific profiles1.17.98.1
KEGG Ligand Database for Enzyme Nomenclature1.17.98.1
IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature1.17.98.1
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