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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
2-hydroxyisoflavanone synthase.
Alternative Name(s)
Isoflavonoid synthase.
Reaction catalysed
  • Liquiritigenin + O(2) + [reduced NADPH--hemoprotein reductase] <=> 2,4',7-trihydroxyisoflavanone + H(2)O + [oxidized NADPH--hemoprotein reductase]
  • (2S)-naringenin + O(2) + [reduced NADPH--hemoprotein reductase] <=> 2,4',5,7-tetrahydroxyisoflavanone + H(2)O + [oxidized NADPH--hemoprotein reductase]
  • A cytochrome P450 (heme thiolate) protein found in plants.
  • The reaction involves the migration of the 2-phenyl group of the flavanone to the 3-position of the isoflavanone.
  • The 2-hydroxyl group is derived from the oxygen molecule.
  • EC acts on the products with loss of water and formation of genistein and daidzein, respectively.
  • Formerly EC and EC
PRIAM enzyme-specific profiles1.14.14.87
KEGG Ligand Database for Enzyme Nomenclature1.14.14.87
IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature1.14.14.87
MEDLINEFind literature relating to
Q9SWR5, C93C1_SOYBN;  Q9SXS3, C93C2_GLYEC;  G4XV71, C93C2_GLYUR;  

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