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Accepted Name
N,N-dimethyl phenylurea N-demethylase.
Reaction catalysed
An N,N-dimethyl-N'-phenylurea compound + 2 reduced ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster + 2 H(+) + O(2) <=> an N-methyl-N'-phenylurea compound + formaldehyde + 2 oxidized ferredoxin [iron-sulfur] cluster + H(2)O
  • The enzyme, found in members of the Sphingobium genus, initiates the degradation of N,N-dimethyl-phenylurea herbicides by mono-N- demethylation.
  • The catalytic unit contains a Rieske [2Fe-2S] iron-sulfur cluster, and catalyzes the monooxygenation of a methyl group.
  • The resulting N-methoxyl group is unstable and decomposes spontaneously to form formaldehyde.
  • The enzyme associates with additional proteins (a reductase and a (3Fe-4S) type ferredoxin) that are involved in the transfer of electrons from NAD(P)H to the active site.
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