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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
D-proline reductase
Reaction catalysed
5-aminopentanoate + [PrdC protein]-Se-L-selenocysteinyl-S-L-cysteine <=> [PrdC protein]-L-selenocysteine/L-cysteine + D-proline
  • A pyruvoyl- and L-selenocysteine-containing enzyme found in a number of Clostridial species.
  • The pyruvoyl group, located on the PrdA subunit, binds the substrate, while the selenocysteine residue, located on the PrdB subunit, attacks the alpha-C-atom of D-proline, leading to a reductive cleavage of the C-N-bond of the pyrrolidine ring and formation of a selenoether.
  • The selenoether is cleaved by a cysteine residue of PrdB, resulting in a mixed selenide-sulfide bridge, which is restored to its reduced state by another selenocysteine protein, PrdC.
  • 5-aminopentanoate is released from PrdA by hydrolysis, regenerating the pyruvoyl moiety.
  • The resulting mixed selenide-sulfide bridge in PrdC is reduced by NADH.
  • Formerly EC and EC
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