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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
thiosulfate dehydrogenase.
Alternative Name(s)
tetrathionate synthase.
Reaction catalysed
2 Fe(III)-[cytochrome c] + 2 thiosulfate <=> 2 Fe(II)-[cytochrome c] + 2 H(+) + tetrathionate
  • The enzyme catalyzes the reversible formation of a sulfur-sulfur bond between the sulfane atoms of two thiosulfate molecules, yielding tetrathionate and releasing two electrons.
  • In many bacterial species the enzyme is a diheme c-type cytochrome.
  • In a number of organisms, including Thiomonas intermedia and Sideroxydans lithotrophicus, a second diheme cytochrome (TsdB) acts as the electron acceptor.
  • However, some organisms, such as Allochromatium vinosum, lack TsdB.
  • The electron acceptor in these organisms may be the high-potential iron-sulfur protein (HiPIP).
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