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A new class EC 7, Translocases, has been added to the EC list. It will be part of ENZYME from release 2018_10. Read more about EC 7 here.

ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
Anthocyanidin 3-O-glucoside 5-O-glucosyltransferase.
Reaction catalysed
UDP-alpha-D-glucose + an anthocyanidin 3-O-beta-D-glucoside <=> UDP + an anthocyanidin 3,5-di-O-beta-D-glucoside
  • Isolated from the plants Perilla frutescens var. crispa, Verbena hybrida, Dahlia variabilis and Gentiana triflora (clustered gentian).
  • It will also act on anthocyanidin 3-O-(6-O-malonylglucoside) and is much less active with hydroxycinnamoylglucose derivatives.
  • There is no activity in the absence of the 3-O-glucoside group.
PRIAM enzyme-specific profiles2.4.1.298
KEGG Ligand Database for Enzyme Nomenclature2.4.1.298
IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature2.4.1.298
MEDLINEFind literature relating to
Q9ZR27, 5GT1_PERFR;  Q9ZR26, 5GT2_PERFR;  B2NID7, 5GT_GENTR;  
Q9ZR25, 5GT_VERHY;  

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