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Accepted Name
phenol phosphorylase
Alternative Name(s)
phenylphosphate synthase
Reaction catalysed
ATP + H2O + phenol <=> AMP + 2 H(+) + phenyl phosphate + phosphate
  • The enzyme, characterized from the bacterium Thauera aromatica, catalyzes the first step in an anaerobic phenol degradation pathway.
  • The enzyme, composed of three subunits, transfers the beta-phosphoryl from ATP to phenol, forming phenyl phosphate, AMP, and phosphate.
  • During catalysis a diphosphoryl group is transferred from ATP to a histidine residue in one of the enzyme's subunits, from which phosphate is cleaved to render the reaction unidirectional.
  • The remaining histidine phosphate subsequently serves as the actual phosphorylation agent.
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