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Accepted Name
bacterial tyrosine kinase
Alternative Name(s)
bacterial protein tyrosine kinase
Reaction catalysed
ATP + L-tyrosyl-[protein] <=> ADP + H(+) + O-phospho-L-tyrosyl-[protein]
  • This family of enzymes includes most of the bacterial tyrosine kinases.
  • These enzymes do not share sequence or structural homology with eukaryotic tyrosine kinases, and exploit ATP/GTP-binding Walker motifs to catalyze autophosphorylation and substrate phosphorylation on tyrosine.
  • Two subfamilies have been defined: P-type enzymes contain an N-terminal transmembrane portion and an extracellular hairpin loop domain. The intracellular portion comprises the catalytic domain and a tyrosine-rich C-terminal domain that contains the site for autophosphorylation.
  • In F-type enzymes the extracellular transmembrane domain and the intracellular catalytic domain are two independent proteins encoded by two separate genes.
  • The majority of characterized bacterial tyrosine kinases regulate the production and export of capsular and extracellular polysaccharides, but other members are involved in many other functions.
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