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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
Receptor protein serine/threonine kinase.
Alternative Name(s)
Activin receptor kinase.
Receptor serine/threonine protein kinase.
Receptor type I serine/threonine protein kinase.
Receptor type II serine/threonine protein kinase.
TGF-beta kinase.
Reaction catalysed
ATP + [receptor-protein] <=> ADP + [receptor-protein] phosphate
  • The transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) family of cytokines regulates cell proliferation, differentiation, recognition and death.
  • Signaling occurs by the binding of ligand to the type II receptor, which is the constitutively active kinase.
  • Bound TGF-beta is then recognized by receptor I, which is phosphorylated and can propagate the signal to downstream substrates.
  • Formerly EC
PRIAM enzyme-specific profiles2.7.11.30
KEGG Ligand Database for Enzyme Nomenclature2.7.11.30
IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature2.7.11.30
MEDLINEFind literature relating to
P36896, ACV1B_HUMAN;  Q61271, ACV1B_MOUSE;  P80202, ACV1B_RAT;  
Q8NER5, ACV1C_HUMAN;  Q8K348, ACV1C_MOUSE;  P70539, ACV1C_RAT;  
P37023, ACVL1_HUMAN;  Q61288, ACVL1_MOUSE;  Q5RAN0, ACVL1_PONAB;  
P80203, ACVL1_RAT;  Q28041, ACVR1_BOVIN;  Q90ZK6, ACVR1_CHICK;  
Q04771, ACVR1_HUMAN;  P37172, ACVR1_MOUSE;  P80201, ACVR1_RAT;  
Q16671, AMHR2_HUMAN;  Q8K592, AMHR2_MOUSE;  Q28616, AMHR2_RABIT;  
Q62893, AMHR2_RAT;  Q28043, AVR2A_BOVIN;  Q90669, AVR2A_CHICK;  
P27037, AVR2A_HUMAN;  P27038, AVR2A_MOUSE;  P38444, AVR2A_RAT;  
Q28560, AVR2A_SHEEP;  P27039, AVR2A_XENLA;  Q95126, AVR2B_BOVIN;  
Q90670, AVR2B_CHICK;  Q13705, AVR2B_HUMAN;  P27040, AVR2B_MOUSE;  
Q66T47, AVR2B_PIG;  P38445, AVR2B_RAT;  P27041, AVR2B_XENLA;  
Q13873, BMPR2_HUMAN;  O35607, BMPR2_MOUSE;  P36894, BMR1A_HUMAN;  
P36895, BMR1A_MOUSE;  Q78EA7, BMR1A_RAT;  Q05438, BMR1B_CHICK;  
O00238, BMR1B_HUMAN;  P36898, BMR1B_MOUSE;  P20792, DAF1_CAEEL;  
P50488, DAF4_CAEEL;  Q09488, SMA6_CAEEL;  O46680, TGFR1_BOVIN;  
P36897, TGFR1_HUMAN;  Q64729, TGFR1_MOUSE;  Q5CD18, TGFR1_PIG;  
P80204, TGFR1_RAT;  Q90999, TGFR2_CHICK;  P37173, TGFR2_HUMAN;  
Q62312, TGFR2_MOUSE;  P38551, TGFR2_PIG;  P38438, TGFR2_RAT;  

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