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Accepted Name
fatty acid kinase
Reaction catalysed
a fatty acid + ATP <=> a fatty acyl phosphate + ADP
  • The enzyme is a dimeric complex consisting of an ATP-binding protein (FakA) and a fatty acid-binding protein (FakB).
  • The first step in the reaction is the binding of FakB (with a bound fatty acid) to FakA.
  • The fatty acid bound to FakB is then phosphorylated by FakA, and the fatty acyl phosphate-bound FakB is released from the complex.
  • In the presence of an exchangeable fatty acid pool in the cell membrane, the fatty acy phosphate bound to FakB exchanges with a fatty acid to regenerate the substrate for FakA.
  • The system is widespread in Gram-positive bacteria, with most strains possessing a single FakA protein along with multiple FakB subunits that differ in their specificity toward fatty acid substrates.
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