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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
bleomycin hydrolase.
Alternative Name(s)
aminopeptidase C (Lactococcus lactis).
Reaction catalysed
Inactivates bleomycin B2 (a cytotoxic glycometallopeptide) by hydrolysis of a carboxyamide bond of beta-aminoalanine, but also shows general aminopeptidase activity. The specificity varies somewhat with source, but amino acid arylamides of Met, Leu and Ala are preferred
  • The active sites are on the walls of a central channel through the molecule, and access of substrate molecules to them is obstructed by this and by the C-terminus of each polypeptide chain.
  • Bleomycin can scarcely be the natural substrate, and there are reports of limited endopeptidase activity.
  • Known from bacteria as well as eukaryotic organisms.
  • Hydrolase H from chicken muscle has many similarities to bleomycin hydrolase, but hydrolyzes Ph-CO-Arg-2-naphthylamine as well as aminopeptidase substrates.
  • Belongs to peptidase family C1.
PRIAM enzyme-specific profiles3.4.22.40
KEGG Ligand Database for Enzyme Nomenclature3.4.22.40
IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature3.4.22.40
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Rhea expert-curated reactions3.4.22.40
A6ZRK4, BLH1_YEAS7;  C8ZFZ7, BLH1_YEAS8;  Q01532, BLH1_YEAST;  
P87362, BLMH_CHICK;  Q13867, BLMH_HUMAN;  Q8R016, BLMH_MOUSE;  
P13019, BLMH_RABIT;  P70645, BLMH_RAT;  Q48543, PEPC_LACDL;  
Q928V0, PEPC_LISIN;  O69192, PEPC_LISMO;  Q56115, PEPC_STRTR;  

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