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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
ferredoxin--quinone oxidoreductase (H(+)-translocating)
Alternative Name(s)
NDH11 complex
NDH12 complex
NDH-1L' complex
NDH-1L complex
Reaction catalysed
a plastoquinone + 6 H(+)(in) + 2 reduced [2Fe-2S]-[ferredoxin] <=> a plastoquinol + 4 H(+)(out) + 2 oxidized [2Fe-2S]-[ferredoxin]
  • The enzyme, present in plants and cyanobacteria, couples electron transport from ferredoxin to plastoquinone and proton pumping from the cytoplasm to the thylakoid lumen.
  • It participates in cyclic electron flow, retuning electrons generated by photosystem I to the plastoquinone pool, thus bypassing the generation of reducing power.
  • It may also participate in respiration using electrons originating from NADPH via the action of EC operating in the direction of ferredoxin reduction.
  • It is a large complex, with some of its subunits resembling those from the bacterial/mitochondrial EC
  • However, it lacks the NADH-oxidizing module and instead has a module that interacts with ferredoxin.
  • Several forms of the enzyme exist, differing in their exact combination of subunits used.
  • Some of the forms participate in carbon dioxide hydration rather than electron transfer.
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