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A new class EC 7, Translocases, has been added to the EC list. It will be part of ENZYME from release 2018_10. Read more about EC 7 here.

ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
UDP-N-acetyl-2-amino-2-deoxyglucuronate dehydrogenase.
Reaction catalysed
UDP-N-acetyl-2-amino-2-deoxy-alpha-D-glucuronate + NAD(+) <=> UDP-2-acetamido-2-deoxy-alpha-D-ribo-hex-3-uluronate + NADH
  • This enzyme participates in the biosynthetic pathway for UDP-alpha-D- ManNAc3NAcA (UDP-2,3-diacetamido-2,3-dideoxy-alpha-D-mannuronic acid), an important precursor of B-band lipopolysaccharide.
  • The enzymes from Pseudomonas aeruginosa serotype O5 and Thermus thermophilus form a complex with the the enzyme catalyzing the next step the pathway (EC
  • The enzyme also possesses an EC activity, and utilizes the 2-oxoglutarate produced by EC to regenerate the tightly bound NAD(+).
  • The enzymes from Bordetella pertussis and Chromobacterium violaceum do not bind NAD(+) as tightly and do not require 2-oxoglutarate to function.
PRIAM enzyme-specific profiles1.1.1.335
KEGG Ligand Database for Enzyme Nomenclature1.1.1.335
IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature1.1.1.335
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