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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
nitric-oxide synthase (NADPH).
Alternative Name(s)
endothelium-derived relaxation factor-forming enzyme.
endothelium-derived relaxing factor synthase.
nitric-oxide synthetase.
NO synthase.
Reaction catalysed
H(+) + 2 L-arginine + 3 NADPH + 4 O2 <=> 4 H2O + 2 L-citrulline + 3 NADP(+) + 2 nitric oxide
  • The enzyme consists of linked oxygenase and reductase domains.
  • The eukaryotic enzyme binds FAD, FMN, heme (iron protoporphyrin IX) and tetrahydrobiopterin, and its two domains are linked via a regulatory calmodulin-binding domain.
  • Upon calcium-induced calmodulin binding, the reductase and oxygenase domains form a complex, allowing electrons to flow from NADPH via FAD and FMN to the active center.
  • The reductase domain of the enzyme from the bacterium Sorangium cellulosum utilizes a [2Fe-2S] cluster to transfer the electrons from NADPH to the active center.
  • Cf. EC
PRIAM enzyme-specific profiles1.14.13.39
KEGG Ligand Database for Enzyme Nomenclature1.14.13.39
IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature1.14.13.39
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Rhea expert-curated reactions1.14.13.39
Q66GP9, NOA1_ARATH;  P29475, NOS1_HUMAN;  Q9Z0J4, NOS1_MOUSE;  
O19132, NOS1_RABIT;  P29476, NOS1_RAT;  Q29498, NOS1_SHEEP;  
Q27995, NOS2_BOVIN;  O62699, NOS2_CANLF;  Q28314, NOS2_CAPHI;  
Q92037, NOS2_CARAU;  O54705, NOS2_CAVPO;  Q90703, NOS2_CHICK;  
P35228, NOS2_HUMAN;  O46660, NOS2_MACMU;  P29477, NOS2_MOUSE;  
Q92091, NOS2_ONCMY;  P79290, NOS2_PIG;  O19114, NOS2_RABIT;  
Q06518, NOS2_RAT;  P29473, NOS3_BOVIN;  Q9TUX8, NOS3_CANLF;  
P97270, NOS3_CAVPO;  P29474, NOS3_HUMAN;  P70313, NOS3_MOUSE;  
Q28969, NOS3_PIG;  Q62600, NOS3_RAT;  P79209, NOS3_SHEEP;  
Q27571, NOS_DROME;  O61309, NOS_LYMST;  Q6YPG5, NOS_ORYSJ;  
Q26240, NOS_RHOPR;  Q9I9M2, NOS_SQUAC;  

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