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Accepted Name
1H-pyrrole-2-carbonyl-[peptidyl-carrier protein] brominase
Reaction catalysed
(1H-pyrrole-2-carbonyl)-[peptidyl-carrier protein] + 3 bromide + 3 FADH2 + 3 O2 <=> (3,4,5-tribromo-1H-pyrrole-2-carbonyl)-[peptidyl-carrier protein] + 3 FAD + 6 H2O
  • The enzyme, characterized from marine bacteria of the Pseudoalteromonas genus, belongs to a family of FAD-dependent halogenases that act on acyl-carrier protein-tethered substrates.
  • It catalyzes three successive rounds of bromination.
  • While the order has not been verified, it is believed to resemble that of EC, due to significant sequence homology.
  • Reduced FAD is provided in situ by a dedicated reductase and diffuses into the active site, where it reacts with the oxygen and bromide ion, resulting in formation of a bromoamine intermediate on a catalytic lysine side chain, and the eventual transfer of the bromide to the substrate.
  • The enzyme from Pseudoalteromonas luteoviolacea 2ta16 is specific for bromide and does not accept chloride.
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