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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
vanadium-dependent nitrogenase
Reaction catalysed
40 ATP + 40 H2O + N2 + 12 reduced [2Fe-2S]-[ferredoxin] <=> 40 ADP + 26 H(+) + 3 H2 + 2 NH4(+) + 12 oxidized [2Fe-2S]-[ferredoxin] + 40 phosphate
  • This enzyme, originally isolated from the bacterium Azotobacter vinelandii, is a complex of two components (namely dinitrogen reductase and dinitrogenase).
  • Dinitrogen reductase is a [4Fe-4S] protein, which, in the presence of ATP, transfers an electron from ferredoxin to the dinitrogenase component.
  • Dinitrogenase is a vanadium-iron protein that reduces dinitrogen to two molecules of ammonia in three successive two-electron reductions via diazine and hydrazine.
  • Compared with EC, this enzyme produces more dihydrogen and consumes more ATP per dinitrogen molecule being reduced.
  • Unlike EC, this enzyme can also use CO as substrate, producing ethylene, ethane and propane.
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