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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
(4-hydroxyphenyl)alkanoate synthase.
Reaction catalysed
  • 4-hydroxybenzoyl-[(4-hydroxyphenyl)alkanoate synthase] + 8 malonyl-CoA + 16 NADPH <=> 17-(4-hydroxyphenyl)heptadecanoyl-[(4-hydroxyphenyl)alkanoate synthase] + 8 CO(2) + 8 CoA + 16 NADP(+) + 8 H(2)O
  • 4-hydroxybenzoyl-[(4-hydroxyphenyl)alkanoate synthase] + 9 malonyl-CoA + 18 NADPH <=> 19-(4-hydroxyphenyl)nonadecanoyl-[(4-hydroxyphenyl)alkanoate synthase] + 9 CO(2) + 9 CoA + 18 NADP(+) + 9 H(2)O
  • The enzyme is part of the biosynthetic pathway of phenolphthiocerol, a lipid that serves as a virulence factor of pathogenic mycobacteria.
  • It catalyzes the elongation of 4-hydroxybenzoate that is loaded on its acyl-carrier domain to form (4-hydroxyphenyl)alkanoate intermediates.
  • The enzyme adds either 8 or 9 malonyl-CoA units, resulting in formation of 17-(4-hydroxyphenyl)heptadecanoate or 19-(4-hydroxyphenyl)nonadecanoate, respectively.
  • As the enzyme lacks a thioesterase domain, the product remains loaded on the acyl-carrier domain at the end of catalysis, and has to be hydrolyzed by an as-yet unknown mechanism.
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