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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
pestivirus NS3 polyprotein peptidase
Alternative Name(s)
BDV NS3 endopeptidase
border disease virus NS3 endopeptidase
bovine viral diarrhea virus NS3 endopeptidase
BVDV NS3 endopeptidase
classical swine fever virus NS3 endopeptidase
CSFV NS3 endopeptidase
Reaction catalysed
Leu is conserved at position P1 for all four cleavage sites. Alanine is found at position P1' of the NS4A-NS4B cleavage site, whereas serine is found at position P1' of the NS3-NS4A, NS4B-NS5A and NS5A-NS5B cleavage sites
  • The polyprotein of noncytopathogenic pestiviruses is cleaved co- and post-translationally into at least 11 proteins (N(pro), C, E(rns), E1, E2, p7, NS2-3, NS4A, NS4B, NS5A, and NS5B).
  • The genomes of cytopathogenic pestivirus strains express at least one additional protein, called NS3 (p80).
  • This enzyme, which resides in the N-terminal region of NS3 (non- structural protein 3), is essential for generation of its own C-terminus and for processing of the downstream cleavage sites, leading to the release of the pestivirus non-structural proteins NS4A, NS4B, NS5A and NS5B.
  • Belongs to peptidase family S31.
PRIAM enzyme-specific profiles3.4.21.113
KEGG Ligand Database for Enzyme Nomenclature3.4.21.113
IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature3.4.21.113
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Rhea expert-curated reactions3.4.21.113

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