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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
Proprotein convertase 1.
Alternative Name(s)
NEC 1.
Neuroendocrine convertase 1.
Prohormone convertase I.
Reaction catalysed
Release of protein hormones, neuropeptides and renin from their precursors, generally by hydrolysis of -Lys-Arg-|- bonds
  • A calcium dependent enzyme, maximally active at about pH 5.5.
  • Substrates include pro-opiomelanocortin, prorenin, proenkephalin, prodynorphin, prosomatostatin and proinsulin.
  • Unlike prohormone convertase 2, does not cleave proluteinizing- hormone-releasing hormone.
  • Usually processing of prodynorphin occurs at a bond in which P2 is Thr.
  • Present in the regulated secretory pathway of neuroendocrine cells, commonly actin co-operatively with prohormone convertase 2.
  • Belongs to peptidase family S8.
PRIAM enzyme-specific profiles3.4.21.93
KEGG Ligand Database for Enzyme Nomenclature3.4.21.93
IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature3.4.21.93
MEDLINEFind literature relating to
Q9GLR1, NEC1_BOVIN;  P29120, NEC1_HUMAN;  P63239, NEC1_MOUSE;  
P63240, NEC1_MUSCO;  P28840, NEC1_RAT;  

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