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Accepted Name
phycobiliprotein cysteine-84 phycobilin lyase
Reaction catalysed
  • phycocyanobilin-L-cysteinyl(84)-[C-phycocyanin beta-subunit] <=> (2R,3E)-phycocyanobilin + apo-L-cysteinyl(84)-[C-phycocyanin beta-subunit]
  • phycocyanobilin-L-cysteinyl(84)-[phycoerythrocyanin beta-subunit] <=> (2R,3E)-phycocyanobilin + apo-L-cysteinyl(84)-[phycoerythrocyanin beta-subunit]
  • phycocyanobilin-L-cysteinyl(84)-[allophycocyanin alpha-subunit] <=> (2R,3E)-phycocyanobilin + apo-L-cysteinyl(84)-[allophycocyanin alpha-subunit]
  • phycocyanobilin-L-cysteinyl(84)-[allophycocyanin beta-subunit] <=> (2R,3E)-phycocyanobilin + apo-L-cysteinyl(84)-[allophycocyanin beta-subunit]
  • phycoerythrobilin-L-cysteinyl(84)-[C-phycoerythrin alpha-subunit] <=> (2R,3E)-phycoerythrobilin + apo-L-cysteinyl(84)-[C-phycoerythrin alpha-subunit]
  • phycoerythrobilin-L-cysteinyl(84)-[C-phycoerythrin beta-subunit] <=> (2R,3E)-phycoerythrobilin + apo-L-cysteinyl(84)-[C-phycoerythrin beta-subunit]
  • The enzyme, found in cyanobacteria and red algae, catalyzes the attachment of phycobilin chromophores to cysteine 84 of several phycobiliproteins (the numbering used here corresponds to the enzyme from Anabaena, in other organisms the number may vary slightly).
  • It can attach phycocyanobilin to the beta subunits of C-phycocyanin and phycoerythrocyanin and to both subunits of allophycocyanin.
  • In addition, it can attach phycoerythrobilin to both subunits of C-phycoerythrin.
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