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ENZYME entry: EC

Accepted Name
Methylated-thiol--coenzyme M methyltransferase.
Reaction catalysed
Methanethiol + coenzyme M <=> methyl-CoM + hydrogen sulfide
  • The enzyme, which is involved in methanogenesis from methylated thiols, such as methane thiol, dimethyl sulfide, and 3-S- methylmercaptopropionate, catalyzes two successive steps - the transfer of a methyl group from the substrate to the cobalt cofactor of a methylated-thiol-specific corrinoid protein (MtsB), and the subsequent transfer of the methyl group from the corrinoid protein to coenzyme M.
  • With most other methanogenesis substrates this process is carried out by two different enzymes (for example, EC and EC
  • The cobalt is oxidized during methylation from the Co(I) state to the Co(III) state, and is reduced back to the Co(I) form during demethylation.
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