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Accepted Name
DNA 5'-3' helicase
Alternative Name(s)
5' to 3' DNA helicase
replication fork helicase
replicative DNA helicase
Reaction catalysed
Couples ATP hydrolysis with the unwinding of duplex DNA at the replication fork by translocating in the 5'-3' direction. This creates two antiparallel DNA single strands (ssDNA). The leading ssDNA polymer is the template for DNA polymerase III holoenzyme which synthesizes a continuous strand
  • The activity is stimulated by DNA polymerase III.
  • As the lagging ssDNA is created, it becomes coated with S Single- Stranded DNA Binding protein (SSB).
  • Once every 500-2000 nucleotides, primase is stimulated by DnaB helicase to synthesize a primer at the replication fork.
  • This primer is elongated by the lagging strand half of DNA polymerase III holoenzyme.
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