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Accepted Name
beta-tubulin-glutamate ligase
Alternative Name(s)
beta-tubulin polyglutamylase
Reaction catalysed
n ATP + [beta-tubulin]-L-glutamate + n L-glutamate <=> [beta-tubulin]-(gamma-(poly-alpha-L-glutamyl)-L-glutamyl)-L-glutamate + n ADP + n phosphate
  • The eukaryotic tubulin proteins, which polymerize into microtubules, are highly modified by the addition of side-chains.
  • The polyglutamylation reaction catalyzed by this group of enzymes consists of two biochemically distinct steps: initiation and elongation.
  • Initiation comprises the formation of an isopeptide bond with the gamma-carboxyl group of the glutamate acceptor site, whereas elongation consists of the addition of glutamate residues linked by regular peptide bonds to the gamma-linked residue.
  • This entry describes enzymes that act on beta-tubulins and other proteins with glutamate-rich regions but not on alpha-tubulins.
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