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ENZYME class: 3.2.2

Release of 22-Nov-17

Hydrolyzing N-glycosyl compounds

All UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries corresponding to class 3.2.2.-.

The following ENZYME entries belong to class 3.2.2.-:      Purine nucleosidase      Inosine nucleosidase      Uridine nucleosidase      AMP nucleosidase      NAD(+) glycohydrolase      ADP-ribosyl cyclase/cyclic ADP-ribose hydrolase      Adenosine nucleosidase      Ribosylpyrimidine nucleosidase      Adenosylhomocysteine nucleosidase     Pyrimidine-5'-nucleotide nucleosidase     Beta-aspartyl-N-acetylglucosaminidase     Inosinate nucleosidase     1-methyladenosine nucleosidase     NMN nucleosidase     DNA-deoxyinosine glycosylase     Methylthioadenosine nucleosidase     Deoxyribodipyrimidine endonucleosidase     Transferred entry:     [Protein ADP-ribosylarginine] hydrolase     DNA-3-methyladenine glycosylase I     DNA-3-methyladenine glycosylase II     rRNA N-glycosylase     DNA-formamidopyrimidine glycosylase     ADP-ribosyl-[dinitrogen reductase] hydrolase     N-methyl nucleosidase     Futalosine hydrolase     Uracil-DNA glycosylase     Double-stranded uracil-DNA glycosylase     Thymine-DNA glycosylase     Aminodeoxyfutalosine nucleosidase
3.2.2.n1     Cytokinin riboside 5'-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase