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ENZYME class: 4.3.2

Release of 02-Jun-21

Carbon-nitrogen lyases
Lyases acting on amides, amidines, etc

All UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries corresponding to class 4.3.2.-.

The following ENZYME entries belong to class 4.3.2.-:      Argininosuccinate lyase      Adenylosuccinate lyase      Ureidoglycolate lyase      Purine imidazole-ring cyclase      Peptidylamidoglycolate lyase      Gamma-L-glutamyl-butirosin B gamma-glutamyl cyclotransferase      Glutathione-specific gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase      Gamma-glutamylamine cyclotransferase      Gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase     Imidazole glycerol-phosphate synthase