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ENZYME class: 6.1

Release of 12-Aug-20

Forming carbon-oxygen bonds

All UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries corresponding to class 6.1.-.-.

The following ENZYME entries belong to class 6.1.-.-:      Tyrosine--tRNA ligase      Tryptophan--tRNA ligase      Threonine--tRNA ligase      Leucine--tRNA ligase      Isoleucine--tRNA ligase      Lysine--tRNA ligase      Alanine--tRNA ligase      Deleted entry      Valine--tRNA ligase     Methionine--tRNA ligase     Serine--tRNA ligase     Aspartate--tRNA ligase     D-alanine--poly(phosphoribitol) ligase     Glycine--tRNA ligase     Proline--tRNA ligase     Cysteine--tRNA ligase     Glutamate--tRNA ligase     Glutamine--tRNA ligase     Arginine--tRNA ligase     Phenylalanine--tRNA ligase     Histidine--tRNA ligase     Asparagine--tRNA ligase     Aspartate--tRNA(Asn) ligase     Glutamate--tRNA(Gln) ligase     Deleted entry     Pyrrolysine--tRNA(Pyl) ligase     O-phosphoserine--tRNA ligase     Deleted entry
6.1.1.n1     Transferred entry:
6.1.1.n2     Transferred entry:      D-alanine--(R)-lactate ligase      Nebramycin 5' synthase      Olefin beta-lactone synthetase