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ENZYME class: 3.4.23

Release of 20-Dec-17

Acting on peptide bonds (peptidases)
Aspartic endopeptidases

All UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries corresponding to class 3.4.23.-.

The following ENZYME entries belong to class 3.4.23.-:     Pepsin A     Pepsin B     Gastricsin     Chymosin     Cathepsin D     Transferred entry:,,,,
    and     Transferred entry:     Transferred entry:     Transferred entry:    Transferred entry:    Deleted entry    Nepenthesin    Deleted entry    Deleted entry    Renin    HIV-1 retropepsin    Pro-opiomelanocortin converting enzyme    Aspergillopepsin I    Aspergillopepsin II    Penicillopepsin    Rhizopuspepsin    Endothiapepsin    Mucorpepsin    Candidapepsin    Saccharopepsin    Rhodotorulapepsin    Transferred entry:    Acrocylindropepsin    Polyporopepsin    Pycnoporopepsin    Scytalidopepsin A    Scytalidopepsin B    Transferred entry:    Cathepsin E    Barrierpepsin    Signal peptidase II    Transferred entry:    Plasmepsin I    Plasmepsin II    Phytepsin    Yapsin 1    Thermopsin    Prepilin peptidase    Nodavirus endopeptidase    Memapsin 1    Memapsin 2    HIV-2 retropepsin    Plasminogen activator Pla    Omptin    Human endogenous retrovirus K endopeptidase    HycI peptidase    Preflagellin peptidase