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ENZYME class: 5.4.99

Release of 25-May-22

Intramolecular transferases
Transferring other groups

All UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries corresponding to class 5.4.99.-.

The following ENZYME entries belong to class 5.4.99.-:     Methylaspartate mutase     Methylmalonyl-CoA mutase     2-acetolactate mutase     2-methyleneglutarate mutase     Chorismate mutase     Transferred entry:     Lanosterol synthase     Cycloartenol synthase     UDP-galactopyranose mutase    Transferred entry:    Isomaltulose synthase    tRNA pseudouridine(38-40) synthase    Isobutyryl-CoA mutase    4-carboxymethyl-4-methylbutenolide mutase    (1->4)-alpha-D-glucan 1-alpha-D-glucosylmutase    Maltose alpha-D-glucosyltransferase    Squalene--hopene cyclase    5-(carboxyamino)imidazole ribonucleotide mutase    16S rRNA pseudouridine(516) synthase    23S rRNA pseudouridine(2457) synthase    23S rRNA pseudouridine(2604) synthase    23S rRNA pseudouridine(2605) synthase    23S rRNA pseudouridine(1911/1915/1917) synthase    23S rRNA pseudouridine(955/2504/2580) synthase    tRNA pseudouridine(55) synthase    tRNA pseudouridine(65) synthase    tRNA pseudouridine(13) synthase    tRNA pseudouridine(32) synthase    23S rRNA pseudouridine(746) synthase    UDP-arabinopyranose mutase    Thalianol synthase    Protostadienol synthase    Cucurbitadienol synthase    Germanicol synthase    Taraxerol synthase    Isomultiflorenol synthase    Dammaradiene synthase    Camelliol C synthase    Beta-amyrin synthase    Alpha-amyrin synthase    Lupeol synthase    tRNA pseudouridine(31) synthase    21S rRNA pseudouridine(2819) synthase    Mitochondrial tRNA pseudouridine(27/28) synthase    tRNA pseudouridine(38/39) synthase    Shionone synthase    Parkeol synthase    Achilleol B synthase    Glutinol synthase    Friedelin synthase    Baccharis oxide synthase    Alpha-seco-amyrin synthase    Marneral synthase    Beta-seco-amyrin synthase    Delta-amyrin synthase    Tirucalladienol synthase    Baruol synthase    Methylornithine synthase    dTDP-fucopyranose mutase    Cobalt-precorrin-8 methylmutase    Precorrin-8X methylmutase    D-ribose pyranase    Ethylmalonyl-CoA mutase    2-hydroxyisobutanoyl-CoA mutase    Pre-alpha-onocerin synthase    Alpha-onocerin synthase    4-amino-4-deoxychorismate mutase
5.4.99.n1    Transferred entry:
5.4.99.n2    Transferred entry: