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ENZYME class: 7.2.-.-

Release of 29-May-24

7.-.-.-: Translocases
7.2.-.-: Catalysing the translocation of inorganic cations

All UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries corresponding to class 7.2.-.-.

The following ENZYME entries belong to class 7.2.-.-: reductase (Na(+)-transporting) oxidoreductase (Na(+)-transporting) ferrireductase (transmembrane) two-sector ATPase Cd(2+) transporter Na(+) transporter Na(+) transporter Mn(2+) transporter K(+) transporter Fe(3+) transporter Cu(+) transporter Cu(2+) transporter Ca(2+) transporter Ni(2+) transporter Zn(2+) transporter ATPase Mg(2+) transporter Ag(+) transporter ferric hydroxamate transporter ferric enterobactin transporter ferric citrate transporter ATPase Zn(2+) transporter ATPase Mn(2+) transporter diphosphatase decarboxylase decarboxylase (Na(+) extruding) decarboxylase (sodium-transporting) malonate decarboxylase decarboxylase